Lan Weber, Ph.D., P.E.

Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Hydraulics, Colorado State University, 1986
M.S., Civil Engineering, Hydraulics, Colorado State University, 1977
B.S., Nuclear Engineering, Tsing-Hua University, 1973

Professional Engineer, California (#25894)
Professional Engineer, Arizona (#27665)
Professional Engineer, Nevada (#9707)

Experience Summary
Dr. Weber has a well diversified background in civil and water resources engineering allowing her to integrate infrastructure design functions with soft-approach, environmentally friendly solutions.

Since 1980, Dr. Weber has been involved in watershed management, flood/debris control, and ecosystem restoration projects. Her technical background in watershed and river systems is highly comprehensive, involving research, data collection, concept plan development, feasibility studies, preliminary design plans, specifications and estimates, final construction documents, bid assistance, and construction support. She also has significant experience in community outreach and in regulatory and encroachment permitting.

From her experience working on restoration projects, she provides unique flood control solutions balanced with habitat restoration and enhancement needs. Dr. Weber has been involved in over 300 river, coastal, and watershed management projects relating to flood control, floodplain evaluation, channel stability, erosion control of stream crossings, reservoir operation, and water diversion. She has provided valuable input to project feasibility analyses with her hands-on experience in design, construction, implementation and permitting.

Dr. Weber has contributed to several restoration projects by the promotion of funding collaboration and participation in the planning and design process. She has successfully promoted Federal interests in Salt River, Arizona (the Va Shly'Ay Akeimel Salt River Restoration Project near Phoenix, Arizona with the City of Mesa, Arizona, and the Salt-River Maricopa Indian Community), as well as along the Santa Ana River Trail near Mission Zanja Creek and the Cooley Ranch Landfill (EPA brownfield designation).

Dr. Weber has extensive experience in multidisciplinary projects that have frequently occurred within drainage-corridor and open-space development areas. She has successfully obtained plan approvals and environmental and encroachment permits for a multitude of significant and challenging projects involving trails, parks, storm drains, flood-control channels, streets, highways, pipelines, bridges, culverts, debris basins, detention basins, water quality basins, bank-protection, grade control, dams/reservoirs, and water-diversion structures. She has participated in EIR/EIS preparation, public outreach/public meetings, floodplain impact mitigation, flood insurance studies, floodplain management plan development, sand/gravel mining plan development and reclamation, sand/gravel mining impact analysis, channel stability evaluation, and water diversion. Representative projects include the Santa Clara River Sand/Gravel Mining Redline Development,, Lower Colorado River and Arroyo Seco Environmental Documentation, Westminster Channel Design Analysis, Big Canyon Restoration, and the Los Angeles County Floodplain Management Plan.

In addition, Dr. Weber has served as Project Manager and Principal Civil Engineer in over 200 civil engineering projects involving site grading, drainage, access, parking, trails/paths, water, sewer, storm drain, and street/highway improvement. Dr. Weber has provided expert services for projects involving complicated storm water drainage control, pollution control, and erosion/sedimentation management. Her recent projects have included drainage studies and civil engineering design and construction documentation for the Chino Basin Groundwater Improvement Project, La Bonita Park, and Santa Ana River Trails.