Client: Regional Parks Division, Public Works Department, San Bernardino County
Location: Santa Ana River Bank from La Cadena Drive to Waterman Avenue

Project Features:

  • Project is funded by SANBAG, County, and Wildlands Conservancy, involving multi-agency interests and project criteria.
  • Trail was initially designed following the Caltrans engineering standards (to meet the TEA Funding requirements), however, potential enhancement features and linkage to adjacent wetlands were considered in the planning process.
  • We took a fresh look at the previously developed Master Plan and recommended relocation of the trails due to concerns over flood safety and construction costs relating to Santa Ana River and Warm Spring Creek crossings.
  • The relocated trails received significant benefits without adverse environmental impacts and any delay in design and permit approval.
  • The proposed trail is generally along the southern bank of the river; we successfully obtained encroachment permits from Caltrans, railroad agencies, and local municipals. We worked with various departments in U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and obtained timely approval for bank construction modification.
  • The project involved complicated redesign of storm drain laterals and utilities in order to provide safe trail crossings. Unique safety cover was provided under the railroad crossings.
  • The trail crosses several lined and unlined tributaries; type selection for trail crossings were based on construction costs, maintenance requirements, environmental impacts, erosion resistance, and aesthetic compatibility

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