Headquartered in Orange County, California, WRC Consulting Services, Inc. (WRC) provides engineering services for California, Arizona, and Nevada clients. WRC staff members are experienced in construction documentation; plans, specifications, and estimates; concept planning; preliminary and final design tasks; and construction support for infrastructure projects. In addition, WRC staff members have proven records of success in obtaining agency review and permit approval. Our unique abilities in the integration of traditional civil engineering approaches with environmentally friendly solutions have lent added value to our clients' projects in the preservation of natural resources and enhancement of environmental quality.


WRC has reputation in problem alert during early project stage which allows agencies to make informative decisions and make necessary changes to stay on schedule and budget. WRC staff is sensitive in cost control by using alternative measures with less construction costs and maintenance requirements without reduction of construction quality.

Our design capabilities include large state and federally funded projects such as regional highways, regional trails, flood-control channel improvements, and environmental-restoration projects, as well as municipal works such as community parks and street, water, sewer, and storm drain improvements. Going beyond the qualifications of traditional civil engineering firms, WRC staff members are experts in erosion and sedimentation control, on-site and off-site stormwater management, and civil/hydrology/hydraulic design for wetlands enhancements, site development, and groundwater recharge.


WRC has served Southern California clients for more than 20 years. We have been fully integrated with many public agencies' project teams and have participated in many important water-resource and infrastructure development projects. We have had significant impacts on achieving critical milestones for our clients. Our efforts in planning, analysis, design, permitting, and implementation have helped our clients attain funding objectives and secure funding approval. WRC Principals are proud to have successfully brought federal interests to local communities such as Va Shly'ay Akimel Salt River Ecosystem Restoration (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) and Cooley Ranch Brownfield Project (EPA).


In addition to providing technical support, WRC has the experience and capability to manage and deliver projects that involve multiple tasks including surveying, geotechnical exploration and engineering, civil and structural design, hydrology, hydraulics, utilities, environmental assessment and permitting, construction bid preparation, encroachment permit and right-of-way acquisition, construction management, permitting, and public outreach. WRC maintains a team of in-house and contract experts who can provide turnkey services for multidisciplinary projects. WRC Principals are proud to have been part of the project management team for many agencies.